Understanding Elder Care Terms

Do you understand all the different terms used in Elder Care? Some of them can be confusing. Here are some of the different types of terms and titles used to help you and your loved one during times of need.

  • Aging in Place – Aging in place means for your elderly loved one the comfort and familiarity of their own home and closeness with their family. It not only gives your loved ones a feeling of independence, but their self-esteem is maintained.
  • Adult Day Care – An adult daycare typically operates 12hr/days and provides meals and supervision. The centers offer support in a highly social environment and give social interaction.
  • Independent Living – Independent living is for individuals who can still live independently. It can include apartments, townhouses, or single-family homes. There are planned social activities and come with a high sense of independence.
  • Assisted Living – Assisted living is a long-term option to help all the daily living needs of an individual. There is socialization with other seniors, on-site medical staff, and planned activities.
  • Nursing Home – A nursing home is the most extensive care that an individual can get. They offer around the clock medical care, including bathing, getting dressed, and skilled nursing. Rehabilitation therapy can be provided and all daily living activities provided.
  • Respite Care – Services that provide caregivers with temporary relief from tasks associated with caregiving. It typically means a short-term stay, often around one to two weeks at most.
  • Care Companion – This is a non-licensed paid caregiver who helps with various living tasks like cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing. The goal is to help provide emotional support and socialization.
  • Registered Nurse – A Registered Nurse is a graduate-trained nurse who has both passed a state board exam and is licensed by a state agency to practice nursing.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse – A Licensed Practical Nurse is trained to administer technical nursing procedures, as well as provide a range of health care services, such as administration of medication and changing of dressing.

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