Helpful Motivation When Caregiving

Caregiving can be a challenging endeavor at times. Why shouldn’t it be? It requires patience on both the part of the caregiver and the patient in need of attention and help. This can lead to some friction and cause unfortunate consequences—one of which is bullying. No one wants to bully or hurt feelings in the process of caregiving; while there are bound to be some bumps in the road, it should be a loving, useful and harmonious relationship filled with laughter and connection. 

How can we best approach caregiving to avoid bullying? This is an important question and one to consider on either side of the equation. Let’s take a look at several tips for how to approach this in order to leave hurt feelings behind! 

Cultivate different strategies and approaches. When asking for a fulfillment of tasks, you can do so in a variety of ways. After all, variety—as we know—can yield outstanding results. Whether you’re appealing to logic and reason, throwing in some humor or altering the subject altogether—as having an assortment of techniques in your back pocket will go a long way, especially when avoiding tension.  

Ask for feedback. We all like to be heard, right? The same goes for caregiving. Ask for feedback. “How do you think I’m doing? How do you think we did yesterday—last week—last month?” When asking for advice or criticism, you’re showing a real respect between both parties. Furthermore, take answers seriously and do your best to implement them on the day-to-day. 

Keep a watchful eye on bullying. Most caretakers don’t want to bully, but sometimes it can creep up without noticing or expecting it. Avoid force and steer clear of pressure, either can cause friction and negative feelings. Again, it’s important to remember that caregiving isn’t about efficiency, it’s about assistance and understanding. 

 All in all, it’s vital to be patient with yourself and others through the caregiving process and take pride in your leaps and bounds when it comes to working together harmoniously.

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