Netflix’s New Documentary on Dementia Promotes Understanding

If you’re binging anything on Netflix these days, it should be a new documentary titled This is Dementia. Sure, it may not be a romantic comedy to take your mind off a rough work day, but it’s an important look into this disease that’s doubled since 2000. 

Dementia researcher Doctor John DenBoer is featured prominently in the Netflix documentary and outlines several important factors necessary to keep in mind when approaching this devastating disease. 

DenBoer claims that people should be very worried about dementia, not just because it’s doubled since the year 2000, but because it’s a worldwide epidemic. He claims, “I believe that dementia is the most horrible of diseases because it takes from us what we value the most: independence, dignity and quality time.” He goes on to say that it’s even harder for the caregiver than the actual person afflicted at times, too—mainly because so many of the devastating signs and symptoms and gradual and painful to watch. 

A prominent question asked in the documentary is, “Why are most people getting dementia?” DenBoer asserts that while the incidence of dementia is actually decreasing slightly due to other medical problems like hypertension and cholesterol, the quantity of the disease is increasing. “This is due to three main factors,” he claims. “Population growth, increase in life expectancy and the baby boomer generation entering into the mild cognitive impairment and dementia.” He claims that Medicare and Social Security have their jobs cut out for them as within the next ten to 20 years, dementia rates will triple across the world. 

Clearly, because of this rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s, there will be an increasing need for caretakers of all kinds. Education is always key in understanding any affliction or disease and as more families struggle with their loved ones suffering from memory loss, documentaries like these will prove to be more appreciated and useful.

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