Spending Time With The Younger Generation.

Grandchildren can certainly learn a lot from their Grandparents – they are full of wisdom and would appreciate the time to spend with the younger generation.

Here are 10 ideas to talk about.


Kids may hate having to learn about history in school, but they might find it more interesting to learn it from people who actually lived it. Children can find out about with it was like to grow up during the Great Depression, or World War II. Personal stories are much easier to remember than reading it from a textbook. 

  • A New Skill Set

Growing up, many Seniors learned skills such as sewing, gardening, baking or woodworking. These are great traits to pass onto children. Even though they’re not taught much in schools anymore, what’s better than baking cookies with Grandma?

Need help cleaning? Grandparents have probably learned a few things in their lifetime that they can pass on.

  • Wisdom

Turn to grandparents for life lessons and other advice, because they’ve probably lived through a similar experience. 

  • Family History

Pulling out those old black and white family photos is a great way to find out who those mystery people were. Ask about your family tree. Did your grandparents have any brothers or sisters? Aunts or Uncles? Possibly they can share a funny story about your parents when they were young.

  • Humor

With humor comes love. Learning jokes and ranks form your grandparents is a great way to bond with them and understand how to react to it. 

  • Listening

Many young children are used to listening to everything their parents say. It’s important to teach children to listen to others as well. By listening and focusing on what their grandparents have to say, will help get them ready to listen better to their peers and school teachers.

  • Games

Ever since the introduction of smart phones and apps, card games have fallen out of style. While older generations still enjoy a game of bridge, canasta, pinochle or pitch – let them teach you what they used to do for fun at your age. 

  • Emotional Support

Sometimes you don’t want to explain or talk to your parents about sensitive subjects. Grandparents might be an available resource to you, as someone to confide in and trust. 

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Older generations have lived long enough to realize not to get upset over the little things. Life is too short! Younger generations may think everything is super-important, but can soon learn to adjust their priorities after discussing issues with their grandparents – who may have a broader view.

  • Snail Mail

Don’t let the art of writing letters go away – it’s great practice for children who are learning how to write. Set up some pen pal time with your grandparents and send each other postcards, letters or other items from your latest trip. You’ll both enjoy the time waiting for the next letter to come in the mail.

Grandparents come with years of wisdom and love to share with their grandparents. Take the time to really get to know them while they’re still here. They’ll cherish the time they get to spend with their grandkids and your family.

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