Top Safety Tips for Seniors

Home safety is of paramount importance—especially for seniors.

Our older loves ones usually prefer living at home as long as they can, but in order for them to make the most of it, it’s imperative their home environment is secure, decreasing potential accidents as much as possible. Here are some top tips to ensure your loved one is content in his or her home atmosphere but also not a risk and worry while you are away.

First and foremost, it’s important to arrange the furniture in each room so that it’s safe to walk in and out. Crowded furniture—whether it’s a side table or sofa chair—can create havoc and cause a fall. Leave wide open spaces in between furniture so entering and exiting is seamless.

Second, you want to get rid of potential floor risks that might induce falling, such as loose carpet edges and scatter rugs or frayed carpet. This can get caught on a shoe and wind up taking someone down, possibly breaking a bone.

You want to make sure step stools are readily available to reach high shelves. Standing on stools and chairs can also cause harm, especially dangerous falls with devastating consequences.

It’s crucial that closet doors and drawers remain closed and not open; this ultimately helps seniors from running into them and tripping over them. Additionally, spills should be cleaned up immediately, as the danger of slipping and falling can cause serious harm and injury, too.

Finally, walking aids and nightlight or flashlights should be within reach at all times. This may mean that duplicates need to be made and put in more than one room. Naturally, you want your loved one to access these with ease, as they facilitate a safer environment and more secure surrounding area.

All in all, securing your loved one’s home for safety is a time-consuming process, but beginning with these basic steps is a great way to start. You can never go too far out of your way to ensure your loved one is healthy and happy and out of harm’s way.

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