Types of Caregiving

There are different types of caregiving, which is determined by what your loved-one needs. Do you need someone to take care of them for a few hours a few days per week? Or do you require around the clock care? There are also combinations of in-home care and different costs, normally based on a national average or region. Here are some different types of care that could be offered by an in-home care facility.

Companion Care – The lowest level of care which is used for social interaction or companionships. It may include some mean preparation, light housekeeping, errands or shopping. Depending of where you live, companion care works could be available on a daily or weekly basis.

Personal Care – Personal care assistants help your loved one with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, errands, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship and in some cases transportation. Personal care can be available for a few hour a day, up to a 24-hour continuous period.

Home Health Care – Home health care can include a wide variety of health care services that are administered in your loved one’s home after an illness of injury; or to provide personal and health care on a regular basis. While HHC is temporary, they goal is to get your loved one back to where they can live independently again and on a routine. HHC aides can help with assistance in taking medications, giving insulin or testing blood sugar. They also help you manage what they’re eating and drinking, check vital signs, medication management and monitoring pain.

Skilled Nursing Care – If you loved one requires more than simple monitoring, they may require skilled nursing care. This type of care may include injections, wound care, intravenous or nutrition therapy; or occupational, speech and physical therapy. Generally skilled nurses only provide medical care in which they specialize in – they will not provide personal care services that your loved one may also need.

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