What Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

More than likely, you are familiar with the concepts of nursing homes and assisted living facilities—right? These are common options for seniors, providing much-needed care and attention to those getting on in years who require medical assistance and day-to-day care. But what about CCRCs? Continuing Care Retirement Communities are a viable and exciting option for the elderly who need some assistance, but perhaps in different ways than the traditional models of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

Let’s demystify CCRCs so you can learn if it’s right for you or someone you love—either in the near future or way on down the line. 

At a glance, the best way to describe CCRCs is they are part independent living, part assisted living and part skilled nursing home. With this unique option for the aging demographic, CCRCs pride themselves in accommodating residents’ changing needs. Often times, you can enter a Continuing Care Retirement Community as a healthy and functional senior, residing in a single-family home, apartment or condo. As you age, you can opt for assisted living and nursing care facilities in the immediate area, giving you the possibility of living in one area for the rest of your life. Naturally, this can bring a great deal of comfort to many patients and their families; not only do they feel at home with their friends in a community they love, but they also have access to various tiers and degrees of medical care when necessary. 

CCRCs have various pricing plans; some require a hefty entrance and yearly fee, while others charge services depending on the market rate. Meals, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, as well as health services are all available at various rates and plans. Often referred to as the ultimate “all-in-one,” CCRCs are growing in popularity, especially since seniors want to live as independently as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can. 

Ultimately, one of the greatest benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities is that it offers customizable services to fit the needs and demands of each individual at various stages in life. After all, what you may require at 68 will certainly be different than what you require at 88. How great is it to have a community that will tailor your environment to fit those changing needs? 


Help at Home can provide around the clock care for your senior loved ones by providing a stable, positive environment for seniors living with Alzheimer’s, helping them to stay active, social, and stay healthy.

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