When It’s Time to Move Your Elderly Parents

Convincing your elderly parents to leave their home may be one of the most difficult conversations you may have to have. Many adult children hesitate to mention the words “assisted living facility,” but know that moving to a long-term care facility is in their best interest. But what happens when your parents resist? Here are some tips we’ve found that can help make the conversation – and even transition – a bit easier for your family.

Start The Conversation Early

No matter what the age of your parent, now is the best time to begin communicating about the future. By talking about their needs and wants, it will make it more seamless when the time comes, instead of when there’s an emergency situation.

Visit a Facility

It can be difficult when an aging parent refuses to leave their home. Even though there may be no magic strategies, suggesting that they visit an assisted living facility together might help per sway them. That way, they can feel comfortable with the surrounding, staff and facilities. Your elderly loved ones can also talk to the director about any concerns or questions you may have, to make you both feel as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Adult children often feel guilty about moving their elderly parents to a long-term care facility. Despite what the parent may or may not want, know that you are doing making a decision on what’s best for the parent at that time. By finding the right facility, aging parents can thrive and be well cared for.

Forming a Caregiving Team

No one should go through this process alone. Gathering sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles or friends together to address the needs of the ailing loved one can help discuss and prepare the issues at hand. Contacting a Care Manager can also help advocate for the elderly parents as well as guide the family through the process.

Power of Attorney

It’s important to decide who will act as your elderly loved one’s durable power of attorney for health care. By having a family member make crucial decisions is one of the more important things to decide.

Remember, by starting the conversation early, and getting the necessary family members involved, you are doing an act of kindness for your aging parents as well as creating a future that’s in their best interest.

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